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Court Martial

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Introduction to Court Martial

"To the memory of Ernst Ruben Lagaksen, Commander of the Finnish armoured regiment, Nylands Dragoon Regiment" (Sven's official biography credits him as a holder of the Finnish Mannerheim Cross - rather unlikely as it's only awarded to Finns and is the equivalent of the British Victoria Cross and there's no one named Sven or Borge Villy on the list of recipients... but who cares!!)

"This book is dedicated to the city of Barcelona where I have met with the most exceptional hospitality and where the majority of my books have been written." Well, this seems to be true anyway. Sven has lived in Barcelona for quite a few years and a very nice city it is too.

Court Martial is a much darker book than most of the later ones. It harks back to Comrades Of War with long stories about people unrelated to the usual characters.

There are some excellent chapters:- The Spurious German Chapter 6 gives us more stories of Wolf and Porta and their dark dealings and The Red Angel Chapter 8 describes a mad Russian village.

Court Martial chapter by chapter:

1. The Bridge
Fighting in Finland. Mission behind enemy lines to blow up railway bridge.

2. The Battle Group
Front line fighting in Arctic winter. Gregor's nose comes off in the cold. Tiny and Porta take off on a food raid. Retreat and fight with T34s.

3. Court Martial
Torgau prison. Long description of the courts martial system.

4. The Execution
More about Chief Mechanic Wolf. Porta fights with Staff Quartermaster Sieg. Firing squad duty. Description of various executions. Description of the new CO's wife (and several other ladies!)

5. Flight
Description of prisoners sent to the Dirlewanger Brigade. Story of escaping prisoners.

6. The Spurious German
Wolf and Porta involved in identity swap scam. Long, involved tale of the Jew who has taken the identity of a dead German soldier. Story of the cat named Dynamite.

7. Nova Petrovsk
Trip behind the lines to attack a secret Russian base at Nova Petrovsk using secret rockets. Another of Porta's stories.

8. The Red Angel
Russian bar/brothel. Description of characters and events while waiting for the Germans to arrive.

9. The War Dogs
Sven's section arrives at the village and takes over The Red Angel. Fraternising with the locals. Ancient Russian patriarch talks about old wars. Old cannon gets fired again. NKVD attack in motorised sledges. Retreat back towards German lines. Climb down cliff to the White Sea. Running fight with Russians. Porta's reindeer. Section attacked by war dogs (Tiny catches one and calls it Frankenstein).

Court Martial book covers

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Finnish cover for Sotaoikeus
French cover for Conseil de Guerre
English cover for Court Martial
First British hardcover edition of Court Martial ('borrowed' from
Dutch cover for Krijgsraad
English cover for Court Martial
Italian cover for Corte marziale
Spanish cover for Ejecución

Court Martial in other languages

Danish:KrigsretFrench:Conseil de guerre
Spanish:EjecuciónRomanian:Curtea Martiala
Italian:Corte marzialeGerman:x

Selected quotes from Court Martial

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