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OGPU Prison

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Introduction to OGPU Prison

Brilliant book which has all the hallmarks of Sven Hassel. There are more battle scenes than usual which may not be to everyone's taste.

We also get to meet Stabsgefreiter Albert Mumbuto for the first time. He's only in this book and The Commissar but he certainly makes his mark.

There are lots of fantastic chapters (much longer than the usual Hassel). Anyone who's tried to keep working without sleep needs to read "Fire Controller". Very scary stuff.

"Dedicated to my friend the Spanish poet Joaquin Buxo Montesinos."

OGPU Prison chapter by chapter:

1. Obstacle Race To The Glasshouse
Porta, Tiny, Sven and Gregor escort four prisoners through Berlin. Stop by at 'The Crooked Dog' pub - and 'The Crippled frog' whorehouse. We meet Albert for the first time. Drunken progress to 'The Rosy Maid'. Gregor gets very confused with orders. Arrival at garrison prison and meeting with 'Wicked Emil'.

2. Infantry Attack
Front line. Attempt at training new arrivals. More about Julius Heide as the perfect soldier. Porta makes blinis. Anti-tank fighting. Porta makes Bortsch. Porta and Tiny find a safe in a Russian mayor's office. Porta and Tiny dress up in frilly underwear (read the book - I'm just telling you what happens!) Lots of fighting up hill towards OGPU prison.

3. Fire Controller
Making plans for attack on the OGPU prison. Artillery Fire Controller Henckel keeps going to sleep (compulsive reading this one).

4. O.G.P.U. Prison
Powerful battle descriptions. Winter. Flamethrower tanks. Old Man and Heide as artillery spotters. Attack on prison and retreat after counter-attack.

5. War Debris
Section badly wounded. Albert goes mad! Revenge on MPs. Long retreat by lorry, ambulance, Puma, motor sleigh. Description of field hospital. Train to Berlin.

6. Eighty Per Cent
Porta back in Berlin but 'Egon The Poof' has taken over his patch. Oberfeldwebel Sally helps out. Introduction to the hit man 'Happy Release'. Visit to Egon The Poof's apartment. Tiny has a fight with 'Viola Ballbreaker'. Happy Release attempts to kill Egon. Tiny and Porta kidnap Egon. Lots of exciting events events including the hunt for 'Olfert The Dwarf'.

7. The Boxing Match
Lice. Wolf and Porta arrange venue for boxing match. Description of fight and aftermath! 'Ulrich' the panther joins in the fun. Visit to brothel to spend winnings. Big investigation into panther. Attempt to arrest Porta (more top-class officer-baiting).

8. The Tigers
Section issued with Tiger tanks. Tank battle description. Wolf mentions existence of enemy gold (this crops up again in The Commissar). Porta's recipe for 'Partridge in Hiding', 'coconut bread', 'sweet noodles', 'singing mushrooms' etc (till the Old Man threatens to shoot him unless he shuts up about food!) Special deal with Russian tank crew.

OGPU Prison book covers

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English cover for O.G.P.U. Prison (Corgi)
English cover for O.G.P.U. Prison (Corgi)
Dutch cover for Vuur En Staal
Italian cover for Prigione ghepeu
Spanish cover for Prision GPU
Norwegian cover for GPU fengselet

OGPU Prison in other languages

Danish:GPU-FćngsletFrench:Les forcenes de l'enfer
Finnish:G.P.U.Norwegian:GPU fengselet
Swedish:GPU-fängelsetDutch:Vuur en staal
Spanish:Prisión GPURomanian:Inchisoarea OGPU
Italian:Prigione ghepeuGerman:x
Turkish:O.G.P.U. Hapishanesi  

Selected quotes from OGPU Prison

Tiny is very taken by a photograph he finds in the wallet of a Russian warrant officer whose face Albert has smashed in.

"Holy Emma, what a lovely bint," he groans, wiping a little blood carefully from the photograph. "When you see a Russian rose like this," he goes on, winking invitingly at the girl in the snapshot, "you realise that our lot's Maker must have been in a bad mood the day He made the standard German model, with her hair in a bun, and even the hairs of her cunt tied in braids!"

During a discussion of German national characteristics (!) Die Niebelungen is mentioned.

"That load of Middle Ages shit only a nationality-crazy German's capable of thinking up," says Gregor, contemptuously.

Julius Heide is struck dumb. He has never heard anything like it. To call the national masterpiece 'Die Niebelungen' a load of shit. He notes down the date, time and names of all present on his message pad.

During the boxing match near the end of the book, a food fight breaks out.

Soon after, the Bavarians begin using noodles and black puddings, which they have brought with them for lunch, as missiles. In only a few minutes of time the whole storehouse begins to look like a blown up field-kitchen. A huge soft cheese sandwich, with onions, comes flying through the air and smashes, like a grenade, against the wall, close to the Old Man.

Porta goes on one of his cookery rants. He's already described the Peruvian dish 'Partridge in hiding' and is threatened by the Old Man...

"It occurs to me, seeing you sitting there chewing on that ancient crust of yours," Porta smiles, broadly. "It comes back to me, that there is a Moroccan dish they call coconut bread. First steal two pieces of white bread from a baker while he is chatting up a girl or something, dip them in cream, pull them through a pan of coconut flour, which you can also steal from the same cunt-crazy baker, and toast them lightly over a small coal fire. They should be served piping hot, with, for example, ice-cold cherries or stewed apricots. I prefer cherries. A cultivated Morrocan eats three or four slices, before taking off his baggy trousers, and moving on to the pleasures of the harem."

"One more word and it'll be your last!" screams Barcelona, drawing his pistol, "I'll blast your brains out, so help me!"

(Er, Porta doesn't stop there of course...)

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