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Full Name and Rank
Chief Mechanic Wolf
First Mention in Books
Wolf is a very minor character in the early books - he gets a mention as early as Monte Cassino (Chapter 4 - Porta's Gambling Den) and later on at the beginning of Reign Of Hell where he is described as Porta's friend. This changes a bit in the later books.
Other Information
Wolf becomes a more prominent character in Blitzfreeze (Chapter 8 'The Mongol Captain').and the following books in the series.

Wolf has a private choir, two Chinese bodyguards named Wong & Thung (described as Vlassov soldiers in Monte Cassino), a wolfhound named Satan and a French cat which will only allow itself to be fed by French POWs. He is always meticulously dressed in spurs, Brisini riding boots (or 'highly polished Roselli riding boots from Rome' in OGPU Prison) and a British officer's swagger stick.

He has a long and mysterious criminal background. He`s the only person ever to have escaped from the dreaded Torgau prison.

Wolf is apparently one of the most powerful people in the Wehrmacht and also has connections with the Mafia. He has shiny black hair and gold teeth according to OGPU Prison.

He ends up as Porta's worst enemy (see the classic 'The Fleas' Chapter 2 of The Bloody Road To Death)...but they sometimes cooperate (just for the money, of course!!)

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