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Full Name and Rank
Major Manfried Hinka (also Oberstleutnant).
First Mention in Books
Hinka is mentioned as Porta's protector in Legion Of The Damned Chapter 8 'Curiosities Of The Balkans'.
Other Information
Hinka is severely wounded in Legion Of The Damned Chapter 25 'The Armoured Train' (his nose and one side of his face is torn off). He agrees a pact with Sven at the end of Legion Of The Damned (Chapter 33 'Von Barring') that they will "help each other out" if one or the other goes mad like Von Barring.

In other books Hinka has one arm (I really must compile a list of all these wounds that everyone picks up in the books and try and work out what they'd have looked like by the end of the war).

Hinka gets further mention in Wheels Of Terror Chapter 2 'Furioso' as Porta's honoured old field commander and Colonel.

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