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Full Name and Rank
Stabsgefreiter Albert Mumbuto
Other Names/References
I really can't say in the correct 1990s!!
First Mention in Books
Albert first arrives on the scene in OGPU Prison Chapter 1 'Obstacle Race To The Glasshouse' (Sven's books are really getting surreal by this stage).
Other Information
His father was staff-bugler in 2 Liebhusaren Regiment (he's referred to as the drummer later in the same book but there you go).

Albert is second only to Porta as a tank driver. He doesn't get a big part in the books but he certainly makes his mark. He causes great confusion during a regimental inspection by the general in The Commissar Chapter 1 'Panzer Attack'. Orders later arrive demanding that he be scrubbed white.

If all this seems wildly unlikely then I can only refer you to Black Soldiers in the German Army on the miscellaneous page for a bit more info.

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