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Full Name and Rank
Unteroffizier Willi Beier (or Feldwebel depending on book)
Place of Origin
Other Names/References
The Old Un, Old Man, Alte, Gamle, Oldfuks, Vanha, Le Vieux, Le Vieux Renard, Oldfuchs.
First Mention in Books
Same as Porta - The Legion Of The Damned, Chapter 7, 'Our First Meeting'.
Other Information
Beier is 10 years older than the others in the section so they call him The Old Un or Old Man or Alte. He is married (to Liselotte who drives a Number 12 tram in Berlin), has two children - his son is named Jochem - and suffers terribly from home-sickness. He is initially described as a joiner by trade, apprenticed to master joiner Radajsak in Bergstraße, Göttingen. But then, in March Battalion Chapter 4 he becomes 'a miller by profession'. He smokes a home-made pipe.

Beier played by Keith Szarabajka in the film of Wheels Of Terror.  Picture kindly supplied by M. Hassel. The Old Un is famous for being calm and quiet at all times - with one or two exceptions (in fact, in the later books he loses his rag on every other page - schizo). He joins in with the killing of Hauptmann Meier ('The Swine Meier' Chapter 19 Legion Of The Damned) but later claims that this was in self-defense. Beier comes out with philosophical speeches every now and then (see Wheels Of Terror Chapter 14 'Rest Camp' and Legion Of The Damned Chapter 14 'Three Girls' for examples). He writes sympathetic letters to relatives of men is his section, carefully covering up circumstances of death.

The Old Un's death is described in 'Company Commander' Chapter 32 of Legion Of The Damned.

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