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Full Name and Rank
Obergefreiter Wolfgang Ewald Creutzfeldt or Wolfgang Leo Helmuth Creutzfeldt (Comrades Of War)
Place of Origin
Hein Hoyer Strasse, Sankt Pauli, Hamburg.
Other Names/References
Little John, Little Brother, Lillebror, Pikkuveli, Petit Frere, Le Petit.
First Mention in Books
Tiny is first mentioned in 'Tiny and The Legionnaire' Chapter 6 of Wheels Of Terror. He is not part of the company at this time and seems to be hated by everyone.
Other Information
He is described as a seven foot tall gorilla-like ruffian, weighing 260lbs (16st 4oz) and his first words are "Here! Beer! Five glasses at once." He is, of course, beaten in his fight with the Legionnaire but manages to get his own back through various means.

In Comrades Of War, Tiny tells the story of his time in prison Brückenkopf 3, Torgau where he had his arm broken in three places and his little toe torn off with pincers.

Tiny cannot read or write according to Assignment Gestapo. He has one ear missing plus a finger and a toe at various times. He joined the army at sixteen following advice from the 'holy men' who ran the school of correction where he seems to have spent most of his childhood. He was "marked down barmy by the Army psychopaths" in 1938 by order of Herr General der Kavallerie Knochenhauer, Commander of 10 Army Corps, Hamburg. He has an excellent knack of appearing to be completely stupid as and when it suits him (take the example in OGPU Prison where, in the middle of a tank battle, Tiny sits down in the tank and starts playing dice instead of loading the gun. The Old Man goes mad at him and Tiny just shrugs and says there's no ammo left. The Old Man asks why he didn't report this fact and Tiny says, "Well, you told me to shut up!")

Tiny ends up in Sven's company ('Return To The Eastern Front' Chapter 8 of Wheels Of Terror), spends his time quarrelling with everyone, and gets warnings from von Barring and threats from the Old Un.

Tiny played by Jay O. Sanders in the film of Wheels Of Terror.  Picture kindly supplied by M. Hassel. See Wheels Of Terror Chapter 10 'The Field Brothel' for an example of Tiny's way with the ladies. The company finally accepts him after this episode:- "He really was a great big naive child to whom fickle fate had given great strength in a too large body but had forgotten to add the brain."

He's got a soft side too. He saves Sven's life at least twice in Reign Of Hell alone, and he rescues children and animals from time to time... but they don't usually last long in his care. And he has a major love affair in Comrades Of War with the matron at the hospital in Hamburg, Emma Kloters.

Tiny occasionally receives nasty letters from his revolting family. He's supposed to have eleven brothers and sisters according to the story at the beginning of Assignment Gestapo. Three drowned at sea, two were burned alive in RAF raids and others were dealt with by the Gestapo. See Comrades Of War, Chapter 13 "Back To The Front" for the story of the letter from Tiny's mum, Frau Louise Creutzfeldt née Weidner, of Bremer Chausée 65 (and Tiny's reaction). In The Bloody Road To Death we are told that both Tiny's father and his older brother were decapitated, one in Moabitt and one at Fuhlsbüttel. His two sisters "have a nice place each with very nice young girls" on the Reeperbahn.

In the later books Tiny's animal-like hearing gets lots of mentions. He's an explosive expert (veteran of the army course at Bamberg) and gets very excited at the thought of making a BIG noise. Apparently Tiny is a fanatical admirer of Humphrey Bogart and tries to copy his mannerisms at all times (according to OGPU Prison anyway).

Tiny can throw a grenade 118 metres compared with Sven's 110 metres. He is said to have "the Devil's own luck, although he personally attributed it to the charm that he wore round his neck. It was the skin of a cat that he had caught in Warsaw and turned into a quite palatable stew, and his faith in it was such that if he had lost it I believe he would have lain down and died simply to prove his point." (Liquidate Paris Chapter 6)

The Bloody Road To Death Chapter 1 'The Cactus Forest': "Porta is quite confident that Tiny's great grandfather was a gorilla which had got loose from Hagenbeck and raped his great-grandmother. She was digging peat, says Porta, just outside the Zoological Gardens at the time. Tiny is quite proud of this anecdote."

From time to time in the later books we hear that Tiny loves cycling! (Well, why not?) He also laughs loudly at his own jokes (and continues to chuckle to himself for quite some time after).

Tiny is forever going on about his boyhood friend "The fur Yid's David" (in other words David, the son of a Jewish fur trader!) in Hein Hoyer Strasse (see map below) and their escapades evading Chief Inspector Nass. David is supposed to live at No.10. Be interesting to stop by there one day.

Neither Tiny or Porta ever aim on target during firing squad duties. Tiny is said to have tried eating human brains (SS General Chapter 12).

Tiny's Hamburg.  Map pinched from a Hamburg tourist site and badly doctored by me!

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