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The Little Legionnaire

Full Name and Rank
Gefreiter Alfred Kalb
Place of Origin
Moabitt, Berlin and the French Foreign Legion.
Other Names/References
The Desert Wanderer, Le Legionnaire, Le Nomade, Le Rat Du Desert, Tete De Mort, Corporal Alfred Kalb from the 2nd Regiment of the Foreign Legion, Legioonalainen, (Den Lille) Legionären.
First Mention in Books
The Legionnaire is first mentioned in 'Tiny and The Legionnaire' Chapter 6 of Wheels Of Terror. He is sitting at the bar when Tiny picks a fight with him. The Legionnaire wins of course. Pluto and Porta try to put him in his place but get nowhere.
Other Information
He is in the section for 'social attitude' (ie being politically unstable) and for having illegal service in a foreign army. He swears in German, French and Arabic and he also speaks Chinese (Blitzfreeze Chapter 8 'The Mongol Captain') and Spanish (Comrades Of War, Chapter 18 'A Casual Affair' where he talks to the fatally wounded Barcelona in Spanish). The Legionnaire is a crack-shot and has sniping competitions with Porta.

In Comrades Of War, The Legionnaire is described as 5' 3" (1.6m) tall. He has a shining light blue knife wound from his temple to the edge of his collar (later in the book it says "from his forehead straight across his nose" - well, he's got some kind of nasty scar on his face anyway). He makes no sound as he walks. He wears a Tricolour wrapped around him beneath his uniform and a photo of General de Gaulle!! (March Battalion Chapter 2.)

He says he joined the Legion at 16 and is "now past 30". In Assignment Gestapo he is said to have left Germany in 1932 to join the Legion. He's also said to have been a soldier for 30 years and often talks of years fighting in Morocco and Indo-China. In Liquidate Paris, however, we hear that he has 14 years experience. Work it all out if you can.

He has 'the cross with 4 palms and 3 stars for fighting in the Riff Mountains and Indo-China'. He's forever saying "Allah is wise" and "En avant, La Legion" and singing "Come Death Come". I have checked this song with the owner of a Legion web site and he says:- " It is in the same league as "march or die" which is not a Legion slogan but is one Hollywood attributed to legionnaires." So there. Actually this is one of the very few times when one of Sven's obscure references has not proved to be accurate…. But wait! Jules Douglas sends news that this is a piece by J S Bach named 'Komm, Süßer Tod' which would be well known by most German soldiers of the time especially those brought up as Lutherans (even those who converted to Islam). Excellent news, SH redeemed again.

The Legionnaire played by David Patrick Kelly in the film of Wheels Of Terror.  Picture kindly supplied by M. Hassel. The Legionnaire also comes out with exotic sayings like: "By God, it's like waiting outside an African whore-house with a crew of only ten tarts...and a hundred fellows in front before you get your helping." Know exactly how he feels.

The Legionnaire was castrated at Fagen and doesn't take kindly to references to his state. He spends his time at brothels with the others getting very, very drunk and studying the set-up for his plans to "open a whore-box in Morocco". He spends lots of time discussing this plan with Aunt Dora, his soul-mate in Hamburg (who knows just enough information about everyone).

His weakness is described in Liquidate Paris Chapter 3 when he becomes upset when he sees a human head rolling along the ground.

In Court Martial Chapter 2 'The Battle Group' The Legionnaire gives his schnapps ration to Tiny because "he is a Mohammedan and does not touch spirituous liquors". Now, I know he spends a lot of time saying "Allah akhbar" and so on... but he also spends his time getting very very drunk when the others are out whoring. So, how does this Mohammedan thing work? Can they drink beer and pastis but not schnapps? Or did Sven only think about the contradiction when he got to 'Court Martial' and try to put it right.

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