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Full Name and Rank
Stabsgefreiter Gustav Eicken
Place of Origin
Other Names/References
Pluto is Obergefreiter in Wheels Of Terror
First Mention in Books
'Our First Meeting' Chapter 7 of Legion Of The Damned.
Other Information
Pluto is an ex-docker from Hamburg and a 'mountain of muscle'. He was imprisoned for stealing a lorry-load of flour. He claims this was a frame-up and goes wild if anyone happens to mention the words "lorry" and "flour" in the same sentence.

There is not a lot of reference to Pluto's character in Legion Of The Damned though he does pump the bellows for Porta in the famous organ playing episode ('In Church' Chapter 15). And he gets killed, decapitated by a bomb in the forest at Rogilev ('Retreat From Kiev' Chapter 30). There is a little more on this episode, in Wheels Of Terror Chapter 20 'What Do You Want To Eat?', in which Pluto is killed again in more detail!

Pluto's main claim to fame in the Sven Hassel books is the time he becomes guard commander - 'A Shot In The Night' Chapter 3 of Wheels Of Terror. Classic Sven Hassel. He also manages to squash the camp adjutant's Opel car with his tank in Chapter 8 'Return To The Eastern Front'.

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